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Unit Sizes

Spruce Grove Storage offers a wide variety of storage space options, ranging from small 4x6 lockers suitable for boxes and personal items, to large 24x25 spaces suitable for boats, cars and industrial uses.
To learn more about the typical space options we offer, scroll down the list below.

5x5 Unit    5x10 Unit    10x10 Unit    10x15 Unit    10x20 Unit



Storage Room 5x5
25 square feet About 200 cubic feet   

Suggested Contents
  • Small furniture
  • 5-10 boxes
  • Clothes
  • Personal records
  • Small dresser
  • Chairs

Storage Room 5x10
50 square feet About 425 cubic feet

Suggested Contents
  • One or two rooms of furniture
  • 10 - 20 boxes
  • Bicycles
  • Small items

Storage Room 10x10
100 square feet About 875 cubic feet

Suggested Contents
  • Contents of two bedroom apartment
  • Washer / dryer
  • 30 -50 boxes
  • Small items

Storage Room 10x15
150 square feet About 1275 cubic feet

Suggested Contents
  • Large two bedroom aprtment
  • Condo or small house
  • Washer / dryer
  • Refridgerator
  • 50-70 boxes
  • Small items

Storage Room 10x20
200 square feet About 1700 cubic feet

Suggested Contents
  • Contents of a three to four bedroom house
  • Major appliances
  • Car
  • Truck
  • Boat

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