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Packing Supplies

We offer the following supplies at our location to help assist you with your storage needs.


Small Box

Suitable for books, records and other small, heavy items.

Medium Box

Suitable for small items which require packing material, such as dishes and glasses.

Large Box

Suitable for bulkier items and delicate valuables which require packing material.

Wardrobe Box

Comes with a crossbar so you can hang closet contents in the box without wrinkling them.


Bubble Wrap
Sturdy plastic bubble sheeting to protect glassware and other delicate items.

Dust covers

Spread this huge cover over your furniture or any delicate valuables.

Locks - Heavy Duty
Recommended by police and fire departments - round design prevents clipping.

Mattress Bags
Twin, Queen, King size

Protect your mattress from dampness and stray dings and marks.

Moisture Absorber
Canister& Refills
Place next to moisture sensitive items to keep dampness away.

Packing Tape
Sold by the roll
50 yards of clear, strong tape - suitable for shipping.

Tie-Down Supplies
Variety of items.
Make sure everything stays put!

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